Campaign: Dungeon Fantasy (32)
Power: Bard-Song
Power: Chi Mastery
Power: Druidic Arts
Power: Holy Might
Secondary Attributes
Bardic Skills
Chi Skills
Druidic Skills
Holy Skills
Spells (or by Type)
Clerical: PI 1
Clerical: PI 2
Clerical: PI 3
Clerical: PI 4
Clerical: PI 5
Clerical: PI 6
Druidic: PI 1
Druidic: PI 2
Druidic: PI 3
Druidic: PI 4
Druidic: PI 5
Druidic: PI 6
Spells: Air
Spells: Body Control
Spells: Communication
Spells: Earth
Spells: Fire
Spells: Food
Spells: Healing
Spells: Illusion & Creation
Spells: Knowledge
Spells: Light & Darkness
Spells: Making & Breaking
Spells: Meta-Spells
Spells: Mind Control
Spells: Movement
Spells: Necromantic
Spells: Protection & Warning
Spells: Water
Armor, Low-Tech (ArmorPiece)
Camping and Survival Gear (Equipment)
Combat Accessories (Equipment)
Concoctions: Chemicals (BagOfEquipment)
Concoctions: Natural Preparations (BagOfEquipment)
Concoctions: Poisons (BagOfEquipment)
Concoctions: Potions (BagOfEquipment)
Containers (BagOfEquipment)
Light Sources (Equipment)
Magic Items (BagOfEquipment)
Medical Gear (Equipment)
Melee Weapons (Weapon)
Melee Weapons: Animal (Weapon)
Misc. Hardware (BagOfEquipment)
Missile Spells (RangedWeapon)
Muscle-Powered Ranged Weapons (RangedWeapon)
Musical Instruments (BagOfEquipment)
Shields (Shield)
Special Order: Adventure Wear (BagOfEquipment)
Special Order: Camping and Survival Gear (BagOfEquipment)
Special Order: Combat Accessories (BagOfEquipment)
Special Order: Covert Ops and Security Gear (BagOfEquipment)
Special Order: Esoteric Supplies (BagOfEquipment)
Special Orders: Information (BagOfEquipment)
Special Orders: Optics (BagOfEquipment)
Tools (Equipment)
Writing Equipment (BagOfEquipment)
shared (Equipment)
loot (Equipment)