Palimpsest Gaming Tools

Welcome to Lon's Campaign and Character Editor for GURPSTM. To get an idea of what is available, browse and that have been shared for public viewing. Then login as 'guest', a fully functional account. The only drawback to the guest account is that anyone can login as guest and modify what you create.
Character Editor (for players) Recent Characters ...
The character editor does all that you would expect from one.
  • Live update: the character sheet updates as you modify it. For example, you can find out how your encumbrance and Dodge change when you pick up that loot.
  • Multiple attack modes: Displays your to hit and defense for all the weapons you are carrying.
  • ...
also see the character browser.
Campaign Editor (for GMs) Campaigns ...
The campaign editor lets you select which advantages, skills, spells and equipment are part of your campaign. Thus you can skip all the high tech stuff for a medieval campaign and vice-versa.
  • Define your own groups of advantages, skills, spells and equipment
  • Create custom items for your campaign
  • ...
Also see the campaign browser.